Foxy and Daisy

Age: 16 weeks
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Foxy and Daisy are a very cute pair of girls who are sisters from the same litter. They love to play tag at very high speeds and wrestle with each other. Their birth mother was a very protective kitty and as a result the girls are very attached to their human mommy or daddy as well. If they suddenly find themselves without a human around they will immediately interrupt their play time to come and find you. Foxy is the mischievous one of the pair, with a facial expression that makes you think she is always up to something. Little Daisy is the gentle one, who cannot even bring herself to bite you even when you are trying to hand-wrestle with her. We would prefer to keep them together due to the fact that Daisy has a stage 5 Heart murmur and her life expectancy is unknown. The vet has let us know that she does not need medication at this time since her recent ultrasound results were good..
Adoption Fee: $380 for both (reduced 50% off fee)
Please contact foster parent Krisztina
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Posted on: 2018-02-05 09:41:19