Breed: Tabby
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Years
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
LUCY 8 yr old Female Tabby Lucy is a wonderful cat. She is friendly, independent, and adaptable. She is careful and gentle, but not afraid of strangers and loves to be next to humans, even better if she gets cuddles. She is independent, knows how to get comfortable and relax at home by herself while I'm out for work, but when I come home/get up in the morning, she immediately jumps out of her bed and comes to greet me meowing, which always melts my heart! It is not difficult to change her undesirable behaviors (if any) because if I don't like something she would understand quickly and adjust her behavior. She is not a very energetic cat, but loves cuddling, grooming on a scratching pad, feeling cozy in her tent, and sometimes playing with little toys. She has good litter box habit and eating habit and prefers canned food to dry food. She would be a lovely companion animal for anyone who likes her. Please contact foster Julie or call 647-992-3152
Please contact foster parent Julie
By Email:
By Phone: 647-992-3152

Posted on: 2017-07-14 15:13:19