Breed: Foxhound
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Years
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Darby has been WAITING for A FUREVER HOME for 10 months! Darby is an 8 year old Foxhound. He is calm, goofy and a joy to be around in the right home. He is not your typical hound with nose to the ground, a runner, a howler, chasing squirrels, rabbits etc. In fact, he's the total opposite. Darby knows his basic commands, he is great on leash and rides well in the car. He loves to bring his toys to you to play tug of war with. Darby is well behaved in every aspect except when it comes to food! Darby has food guarding issues. If you can be in control in that area then he will be a piece of cake... ooops, not around Darby!. "No food in sight, then all will go just right"! Darby's resources guarding issues were most likely due to his past home which was reckless with drinkers, loud music, open door policy and taunting to excel behaviors. We are seeking a quiet home with a single person or empty nesters (couple) who can provide routine, predictable situations and a calm environment. Darby's dream is to have a rural setting where he can spend some time outdoors, roll in the grass and frolic about, sniffing and smelling around. If in the city, a larger fenced in yard is a must. An experienced owner is needed. Due to the food situation, no children, please. Darby is fine living with another easy going, dog and/or cat. He adores cats and looks out for his small canine buddy he currently lives with in his foster home. Please email info@mississaugahumanesociety.com. ADOPTION FEE: $250.
Adoption Fee: $250
Please contact:
By Email: info@mississaugahumanesociety.com

Posted on: 2017-06-06 18:00:32