Breed: Lab/Boxer Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Breed: Lab/Boxer mix Male Medium/large DOB: Feb/9/2015 Cat: No Dogs: No Kids: No Pax has been in our program for over a year and has been moved around, and like most dogs this can have a negative effect on behavior - and Pax is no exception, so we have changed his bio to no kids, cats and dogs. Does that mean he can't ever be around them? No it means that he needs a stable environment with a committed family that will work with him. Pax is young and will benefit from an experienced home. - Sudden changes in motions or actions from people he doesn't know is not good for him. - In the home environment he is good with basic commands; sit/lie down/shake a paw when asked - Very quiet in the house doesn't bark may occasionally growl if he hears people outside. - Relaxed dog inside just wants to play ball or be around people. - Once getting home he wags his butt not really his body but his butt lol and rolls on his back so he can get belly rubs - Pax is a super hyper dog once first introduced to new people properly, then mellows down after that. - Completely different when on leash outside he tends to forget these commands is getting better Plz email: for more information
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Posted on: 2017-05-29 16:30:03