Luke and Lidia

Breed: Domestic Longhair - Grey
Gender: Male and Female
Age: 2.5 Years
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Luke(Male) and Lidia (Female) Domestic Long Haired 2.5 years Luke and his sister Lidia came to my home after five moves. We believe they are brother and sister and came from a family of 8 kittens who were in great need of help when found When they arrived in my home they were extremely frightened by anything, and tended to stay close to one another. They both found the inside of a couch in which to hide. To socialize them they had to be brought to a room where they would have to be out in the open and where they could see members of the household through a glass door. For a couple of months they would only observe and would not enter into any play with people or with other kittens. Gradually, with the lure of a pointer under the door they began to play ( on the other side of the door). Eventually they were introduced to the whole home and still found places to hide but would come out to eat and to play with a pointer, lazer or wand. With very tiny steps they improved and began to eat baby food from my finger or popcorn from my chair. They are very difficult to tell apart but I believe it was Luke who was first to eat the popcorn . Lidia was shy for a long time and, although she would stay with the other cats observing, it wasn't until she was alone in a room with me that she began to play. Once she got the idea about playing she did not want to stop so, at the same time every evening, she would appear for some fun. Very soon I was able to scratch her with a brush as I was, by that time, doing with Luke. Now both of them enjoy a good scratch by hand or by brush. Both love my bed and Lidia, especially loves to cuddle between the pillows when I am not there. When I am in my office Luke will often curl up in the paper tray to watch me and stare at the printer They are now 2 ½ years old and still are very wary about being picked up so anyone adopting would have to accept the fact that they will choose the time to be near you. I do believe, however, that they will continue to progress in their trust over time as they have done in my home. Adopters would have to understand that there will be a set back when they go to a new home and it may be months before they regain what they had. They will have to start again in a room with few hiding places. Both have been used to a multiple cat household so it would be good for them either to be adopted together or to have another younger cat in the household. REDUCED ADOPTION FEE : $ 200 Please email Janice
Adoption Fee: $200
Please contact foster parent Janice
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Posted on: 2017-05-15 03:17:22