Gender: Male
Age: 2 yrs
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Matty is a 2 year old medium haired, dark grey, male cat. He was born outside, at an industrial site. His siblings were all chosen over him and taken home as kittens. As a result of this, Matty has had to spend 2 years at the industrial site where he was born. The workers socialized with and fed him. However, he only had a small shelter to protect himself from the elements of the harsh winters and rainy days. Matty has recently been taken into foster care. You would never know he was an outdoor cat. He has all the manners of a house cat. Matty is gentle, quiet, knows the litter box well and is accepting of the other cats and small dog in his foster home. Not once has he fussed when they are around him. In fact, you can tell he likes the company that he lost out on when his siblings were taken away from him. He appreciates all that has been given to him and his constant purring proves this. Matty will make someone a wonderful pet and he can hardly wait to have a forever home with someone who wants him for their own. Please contact his foster parent @ 905-567-3853.
Please contact:
By Phone: 905-567-3853

Posted on: 2014-11-05 19:44:36