4 years old, neutered, male

Breed: tabby
Orange, FIV
Gender: male
Age: 4 years
Neutered: YES
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
Hi Everyone, My name is Tiger. I am a very regal looking dude with a photogenic face. I don't mind my picture being taken. However, my favorite past time is playing a game of fetch with my foster mommy and sorting thru my ample toy box to see which mousey I am going to play with next. I love to look out the window to see what's going on. I would hate to miss anything unless of course, I'm chillin in my warm and cozy bed. When I was first found I had a badly injured paw, was very thin and hungry. I was absolutely desperate for someone to help and love me. Now, I am totally healthy and happy with the exception of one small thing - I tested positive for FIV. My foster mommy and educated friends say that gives nice guys like me a bad rap. I don't care about it as I am healthy, happy and social. Did I mention soft and lovable? I can live a very long and healthy indoor life with good food and care. Guys like me hate to be overlooked when we have so much unconditional love to offer. Please consider me as your new buddy. I will make it worth your while by returning your love twofold. It would also complete my life long dream for happiness. Click my first extra photo for info about FIV.
More Photos: Photo 1
Please contact foster parent Sonya or Madeleine
By Email: sunnycandles@yahoo.ca, mmenard2957@rogers.com

Posted on: 2012-12-05 05:39:03