I am a gorgeous light orange/white male, about 2 years old.

light orange and white
Gender: male
Age: 5 years
Neutered: yes
Here is a bio by my foster parent:
I am described as "The cuddliest of all cuddly felines". I am an incredibly friendly and affectionate cat. Your lap is like the most amazing bed and I would just love to lie on it all day and cuddle. I am very playful too and loves to play with everyone, If you are willing to spare me some attention, I will repay is with audible, sweet purring. I have some restrictions on what I can eat, so I must be the only cat in the household, though the amount of affection I will offer you is the equivalent of many cats. Please give me a chance and a good home to love.
Please contact foster parent Ellen
By Email:
By Phone: 905 502 6009

Posted on: 2011-11-03 00:00:01