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Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Name: Bailey
Breed: Jack Russell
Size: Small
Gender: Female
Age: Senior
Dogs: Larger older dog
Cats: No
Kids: 16+


Bailey is a gentle sweet senior who lost her home when her owner was evicted. She is house-trained, responds to some commands, & is friendly with people & other mature dogs. She is healthy & has no known medical issues. Bailey enjoys moseying around a fenced backyard & relaxing wherever her humans are. She'd love a quiet easy-going home with a mature couple/person & dogs (no cats).

Lets get Bailey in a home for the holidays. Email for an application.
Posted on: 2017-11-15 23:09:26

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
5 yrs Male

Puddles is is a sweet and precious boy weighing about 15 lbs. He loves cuddles and kisses and lying next to you. Yet he can be a feisty little boy and sometime has a mind of his own! He likes to be the top dog so he should be the only pet of the home. Puddles is not a fan of males so a FEMALE owner is preferred. No Kids. He likes to go for “walkies” and is easy to walk. He also likes to play with his toys. He is housetrained. Puddles would bark when he hear noises outside so a house is needed Please call Jane the foster at : 905 272 0436. ADOPTION FEE: $398.
Adoption Fee: $398.
Contact: Jane
Phone: 905 272 0436
Posted on: 2017-11-15 20:29:10

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Husky/Sheppherd X
2 yrs Female

Skye has had a rough start in life, she was neglected and left outside all day long. . . Despite that, she has a great temperament. She is friendly with humans and great with dogs (big or small),. She is a very energetic dog and will need lots of exercise. Sky is living with 2 dogs (Shepherd X and Boxer) and is enjoying their company of them (the 3 amigos as we call them) as well as all the dogs at daycare. She can be independent as long as there is someone home but will for sure let you know when she wants to cuddle. Skye loves laying outside in the backyard as long as it is not raining. She loves most toys and isnt very destructive with any. She absolutely loves the cow hooves so they are a must around the house (as well as the Kong tennis balls). Skye walks well on a leash and still learning some manners with it, but has come a long way. Dog parks are a love of hers as well. Being the high energy breed, Skye would be best at a day camp during week and/or a walker for during the week as she can get bored. Skye lives with 2 cats right now and can at times play rough with them so unless the cats are used to dogs would do best in a home without them. Skye does not like to be left alone, so would do best with another dog in the house – and would be best if another Husky, GSD or large breed dog as she can play rough (she was probably not socialized when younger). We always say she is a 4 month old puppy in a 2 yr old's body! An owner with breed experience would be best.

Skye has a very strong personality, with little prior training/socialization, so an owner with breed experience is best for her. Please contact foster ADOPTION FEE: $398.
Adoption Fee: $398.
Posted on: 2017-10-26 21:46:06

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
7-8 yrs
Approx 70 lbs.

Dougie loves
to go for walks, and needs several walks daily. Fenced in yard a must for him, he loves to be outside, you'll often find him rolling around in the grass. Dougie loves his share of squeaky plush toys, but shows no interest in balls or playing fetch. Dougie also loves to cuddle, at 70lbs, he still thinks he is a lap dog (on his terms of course) Dougie can be left alone for short periods of time, but will do best in a home with someone home often. Dougie is possessive of his food and should be left alone to eat. An experienced owner is needed and a quiet adult home is preferred. Due to his food aggression, its best hes the only pet of the home and NO KIDS. Please email ADOPTION FEE: $250.
Adoption Fee: $250.
Posted on: 2017-08-21 18:46:06