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Here’s a bio by my foster parent: name is Scooby and I am a six-year-old Rotti, with a little bit of Wolfhound thrown in. I'm a big boy, weighing in at 102 lbs and neutered.

Due to medical issues, my owner had to give up her 3 dogs and so now I am looking for a new forever family. I am a handsome boy and am not sure why I haven't been scooped up yet. I am feeling lonely and anxious without my family and right now may not come across as the friendly kind of guy that I am. I get along well with other dogs and enjoy going for walks. I am good around children, but a little shy when I meet new people. With a little TLC and patience, I will show you what a good family dog I can be for you.

I would love a home with a fenced backyard and someone to stay at home and keep me company. I don't like being left alone for long periods, but with time and patience, I know I can gradually get used to being left alone for longer period of time.

If you think you can help me out, please e-mail Sandy and tell her you pick ME to join your family!

Please contact Sandy at
Adoption Fee: $300
Adoption Fee: $300.
Contact: Sandra
Posted on: 2017-01-20 15:50:23

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Age: 7 years
Breed: Shih Tzu mix
Gender: Male
Kids: No
Apartments: Yes
Cats: Dog friendly cat
Dogs: Yes ( if they don't mind a pestie little brother)
Dash is a fun and affectionate little guy but if pushed to far he can bite so an experienced owner that can read body language is a must. With time he bonds really well with his handler and enjoys doing everything with them. Dash needs some work walking on leash but does really well with his easy walker harness. Unfortunately at this point he needs to be sedated to be groomed but we think once he is in a stable environment he can learn to trust and realize that grooming doesn't have to hurt.
In regards to his behavior around dogs Dash can be a bit of a pest. Something like a younger sibling trying to be part of other siblings gang. He wants to get a reaction whether it be good or bad from a dog and will persist until either the human steps in or he gets what he wants. He can be a lot of fun and though he likes other dogs he might be too much for a lot of dogs to handle. He listens when he is told to do something and is house trained.
We are seeking an experienced home with NO kids; a confidant dog friendly cat would be great but not necessary. He would do fine in an apartment.

If interested, contact:
Posted on: 2016-12-07 01:22:11

Satcha & Akira
Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Name: Satcha & Akira ( bonded sisters)
Breed: Hound Collie Mix
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Age: 3 yrs
Dogs: Low key passive
Cats: TBD
Kids: No

No apartments

Fenced in backyard is a must

Two sweeter and more sensitive souls cannot be found. These two bonded sisters have been through thick and thin together and are looking for their forever home. Satcha & Akira would make a great addition to a kind and patient family. They do well with other dogs (mainly low-key and passive dogs). Once they feel that they are safe, they will warm up to anyone willing to take the time to make them feel loved. These girls deserve nothing but love for the rest of their lives. They are house trained and know basic commands

We are seeking a furever home for Akira & Satcha together. Must have a fenced in yard. A quiet, routine home with an experienced family is absolutely necessary.
Posted on: 2016-10-31 00:35:40

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound mix
Size: Medium
Age: approx. 2
Cat: No
Dogs: No
Kids: No
No Apartments
Fenced in backyard

Charlie is a happy but intense kinda guy. Charlie has minimal social skills and is very much a busy bee.

Charlie will need work on leash walking and a more calm but structured environment would be best suited for Charlie. He gets along well with people when introduced properly. He is a very loving and comical little guy that just needs a chance with an experienced owner that has patience for him.

Charlie will make an excellent companion for an owner that is committed to consistent training with knowledge and experience and can show him some leadership

for more information please email .
Posted on: 2016-10-31 00:06:54

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
Meet Darby, an 8 year old, male Foxhound. Darby is a friendly boy who loves nothing more than to sit by your side being pampered with petting. He loves giving paws and placing his head on your knee looking at you adoringly with his honey colored eyes. He loves and walks well on leash. He could care less about squirrels, rabbits etc. During his walks, Darby is delighted to meet up with the dogs and people he has come to know well; tail wagging and happy. Darby is quiet, does not howl, dig or try to escape. He travels beautifully in the car. He is a warning howler/barker only. Darby is house-trained, non-destructive, enjoys the company of dogs and cats! He can live with another dog compatibly, as he is in his foster home, but one should be mindful of territorial concerns with toys and feeding stations. I am also pursuing a quiet, ADULT home (no children), where Darby will be your main focus. Darby was subjected to a reckless home environment in an apartment, with loud music, traffic of people, changes in lifestyle and unpredictable situations that led to some biting conditions within the last year and half (2014/2015), before owner surrendered. When Darby came into foster care with me, he required time to trust and understand his new surroundings, and routine. He is approached with gentle, slow movements and spoken to with calmness and reassurance, so he understands the intent. He is doing very well and has learned to respect space/food/toy guarding, through "equal trading" and "wait, okay now". He is very smart! Nonetheless, Darby needs an experienced owner, one who will continue to offer routine and the time Darby requires, especially through changes with rehoming. Darby is deserving of someone who understands what it means to rescue and be committed to giving Darby happiness for the rest of his life. Darby knows the basics; sit, stay, give paw, lie down. Darby's home must offer a fenced in yard and where he will not be left for the duration of a regular 8-9 hour work day. If interested in Darby please email

Adoption Fee: 250.
Posted on: 2016-10-18 12:21:35

Here’s a bio by my foster parent:
7 year male beagle.

Charlie loves couches to sleep on, a backyard to hang out and bury toys in. The "W" and "T" words are two of Charlies favourite things. Just like many boys, food is the way to Charlies heart and he LOVES treats! walks well on the leash with a harness and only tugs if he's following a scent. On weekends he likes to spend his day outside, ears flapping in the breeze, listening to the birds and answering the occasional bark. Charlie is good with cats and loves to have his ears rubbed. He is discovering belly rubs and is finding out he likes those too. He is fine around our older children and likes to lick the faces of the smaller children visitors.. He has been left home 6-7 hours a day and is fine, and extremely excited to see his foster parent when they get home.

Charlie can be a very sweet old man lying next to you on the couch with his head in your lap but he can also be a bit of a grouch. He does not like other dogs. He will bark and howl when he sees them (however he is strangely fine with looking at the neighbours dog through the fence). His fixation on dogs while on a walk require continued walking and redirection to avoid pulling and barking.
He also likes things the way he likes them. He will sit in silent protest if you want him to do something he doesn't, like a bath… However, he is very food motivated and a treat or piece of steak helps change his mind! He will playfully chew on a stick, but he does not want you to join and will get snappy if you try to take HIS conquer. Charlie needs an assertive and experienced owner who can train him to become more socialised with other dogs. Please email ADOPTION FEE : $300
Adoption Fee: $300.
Posted on: 2016-06-27 03:13:32