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Happy Tails!

WE LOVE IT when we receive photos after the adoption! Below are some of our recent adoptees who “phoned home” to tell us how they are doing. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

sparkyAdopting Obie has been one of the best things that happened to us! We just simply cannot get enough of him, and he cannot get enough of his belly rubs. We can’t believe it’s been over a year since we began to foster him and eventually adopted him. He has become such a great addition to the family. He is still learning how to get along with dogs and squirrels he sees outside, and hopefully will learn one day. But no matter what, all it takes is a simple look at him and he will make you laugh and smile!|Kelvin & Cynthia- Sept 2011
sparkyHi – I hope you remember us! Just thought you’d like to see a few pictures and know that Sparky is doing great!! He’s more spoiled now than he used to be and has us very well trained. It’s hard to believe we’ve had him for almost two years.Hope your summer is going well.Tom, Beth, Robyn, and Richard _ July 20111
sampsonHere is a picture of Sampson here in Pickle Lake. My other dog Charlie is on the right and the dog in the middle is Sadie, my best friend’s dog. Sampson is doing great after her spay surgery. It has corrected many of her behavioural problems and she doesn’t seem as testy. She is turning out to be a really wondeful dog.I have not had to give Sampson a pain killer in probably over 2 months. Her leg does not seem to bother her at all anymore. Sampson will be returning to Southern Ontario in January. Hope all is well,Michelle-Aug 2011
dallasHello! it has been 2 years since we have adopted Dallas and he is such a wonderful addition to our family! he gets along great with our 2 cats and has other family dogs to play with on a regular basis! we bring him everwhere with us, he loves swimming and boat rides are his favourite. we just love him to pieces. Thank you again for bringing such a joyous dog into our lives
Stephen and Ashley-Aug 2011
taro Hi, We just wanted to update you on Taro (formerly Mr. Charlie). He’s been settling in great in his new home. He is very friendly and affectionate and loves to share the pillow with you when you are sleeping. We recently got him a haircut and hes loving his new ‘do’. We are very happy to have Taro in our lives now.
Thanks! – Joyce & Jeremy – June 2011
adopted catHope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you an update on Chewy (formerly Uki). Chewy has adjusted marvelously. She is a very intelligent kitty and invents games for herself or the two of us to play. What a nut. She taught herself to fetch. She drops very obvious hints when she wants to play, like hurling her ball on my pillow when she wants to play and I want to sleep or more recently hiding her ball under my sheets and then pouncing on top of the blankets trying to find it, mistakingly finding my toes – again while I am trying to sleep!Chewy is the most affectionate and cuddly cat I have ever known. Last week I took her to a friend’s house which is 1-1/2 hours away from where I live. She travelled very well once I got her in her carrier. I don’t believe I could introduce another cat to my household though because she put my friend’s cat in his place while we were visiting. She seems to be very happy as my only pet so at this point I am not considering replacing poor little Morley.Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we are getting along fine and that I am extremely happy to have Chewy in my home and she is very well adjusted and happy. She truly is the love of my life.
Thank you for bringing us together.
Joyce – March 2011
adopted catI’ve attached a few pictures of Sassyenjoying her new home – we’ve been calling her Stella.The last one shows my other cat above her on the desk, a little hard to make her out in her foam bed, that’s their usual nap places.Stella has made herself at home and quickly become part of the family; both of our little senior ladies are chatty, full of spunk and personality and very cuddly!
September – March 2011
adopted catI have attached some cute photos of Marriotand Rambo. We still haven’t figured out a new name yet. It’s been a week, so we’d better decide soon. Anyway, take a look. I think they like each other!Mathew – March 2011
adopted dogDodgeris doing fine and lives up in the country by Lake Simcoe now where he can swim and run and be himself. We trained him to behave in a canoe and he’s great company when we go paddling up north.We bring him everywhere with us. In the above pictures he’s snowshoeing, on a canoe camping trip, in the White Sands of New Mexico on a road trip …Lana and Michael – March 2011
adopted dogWe adopted Anniein November 2009 but just got a digital camera this past Christmas. Annie has been a wonderful addition to our family since we adopted her from her foster parents Elizabeth and Max. She loves to sit on the couch and watch what is going on outside. She looks forward to her walks and running around in the backyard. She gets along with the neighborhood dogs and my daughter’s dogs. Being a walker hound X she has a keen sense of smell and is safest kept on leash unless in a fully enclosed area. Unlike many hounds, she is very quiet and rarely barks…only if she gets very excited. Annie is a well loved dog by all of our family and provides us with endless enjoyment. We are very grateful to the Mississauga Humane Society and the loving foster parents. Annie is our pride and joy.Thank you.
Ross – January 2011
adopted catHere’s Zoey. As you can see, she has made herself right at home. She loves to play with her toys and she loves catching the drips in the bathtub. She’s so disappointed when I turn it off.I am really enjoying her.
Katharine – January 2011
adopted dogMy husband and I recently adopted Dougiefrom the Mississauga Humane Society via a foster mother named Shirley. He is a wonderful dog, and we love him very much! He has developed an amazing friendship with both our other animals (Mini Dachshund, and a Domestic Short Hair cat). He can be found lounging on the couch or bed, with one or both of them at all times! He loves his treats, his walks, his Chuck It, and of course, his many trips to the enclosed dog park. I cannot even believe that he was for adoption, given his incredible nature and loving personality. We have taught him how to shake a paw over the last week. He learns very quickly!Here is an attached photo of him with our Mini Dachshund, Duchess.Thanks very much!!
Lisa – January 2011
adopted dogAll the initial problems that Kotamay have had previously have totally vanished. He no longer gets crazy with toys. I have taught him to put each toy away into his toy box before taking out a new one and he does it so well, all by himself! It’s so cute to watch! See attached a couple of pictures of him.Thanks,
Florence – January 2011
adopted dogMike and I wanted to send you a “New Years Update” on how Staceyis doing with our family.Stacey has really come out of her shell since coming to live with us. She loves to play with every dog we meet when out for walks, and she is great at making friends at the dog park. She wants to go get petted by everyone we see when we go for our daily walk – what a change from the shy dog we adopted! She loved our new house the first time we brought her to see it, and she continues to become more social and playful every day. Sometimes she acts like a little puppy, always curious about everything, and getting into mischief.Stacey loves hiking with us at the conservation area, and it’s helped her to lose some weight too! We took her camping in Algonquin Park in mid-October, and she had a fantastic time. We are looking forward to bringing her camping with us again in the spring.
We bring Stacey almost everywhere with us, and she is a little ball of energy. But at the end of the day she enjoys cuddling in our laps and giving lots of kisses. When we wake-up in the morning she always greets us by climbing on us, and smothering us with kisses and a wagging tail! Adopting Stacey has filled both of our lives with even more love and happiness, and we enjoy every minute with her.
We’ve have attached some pictures of Stacey from our trip to Algonquin, as well as a couple Halloween photos (she came with us to a costume party). We’ve also attached a few pictures of her being goofy around the house, and just looking cute in general!
We hope that you have a great New Year, and thank-you for letting us adopt Stacey,
Mike, Alison & Stacey – January 2011
adopted dogI just wanted to send you a note and thank you. I received Lucy’s papers yesterday in the mail – I was very happy to get that stuff!! Now I can go and get her dog tag and send in the microchip info and then she will be mine! All mine!I cannot tell you how much joy that little girl is bringing to me. I love all of my dogs and she is so good for Mika. Now Mika has someone to play with instead of bugging poor old Reno (he is nearly 11 and doesn’t want to play so much anymore – he likes to sleep!).You will be very sorry that you asked for pictures! I have attached about a million for you. Besides Lucy being my Christmas present from my husband, he also gave me a small digital camera, so you can just imagine how many pictures we will have.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all the best.
Thank you again,
Kisa – December 2010
adopted dogHannah seems to be fitting in well. Our cat is more concerned with her than Hannah is concerned with the cat. Very well behaved and has developed good sleep habits. Even gets us out of the house twice daily for walks. House was full yesterday for dinner and she was great. Seems to be most comfortable around a lot of people.Did get a surprise having left her alone for a few hours Tuesday night. Had an accident on the carpet even though she had a long walk just before we left. Other than that, she sleeps on her bed in our room and will hop up on our bed if she needs to go out.We are giving her the vitamins and antibiotics as instructed. Thanks.
Jim – December 2010
adopted dogBear Bearis now fully climbing the stairs with no issues though! As well as sleeping with us lol. He is doing really good and back to his old self again. And, we’ve recently discovered, he loves to cuddle in bed. All 80 lbs of him lol. For Halloween he was a dinosaur! He really liked the attention and I made his costume just for him so it was like a vest that velcroed around his belly. His coat is all grown in now but for some reason the hair on his lower back doesn’t grow in and is much lighter than the rest lol. He’s doing fabulous.Vicki – December 2010
adopted catRamsey and Bosley(adopted in 2006)Rob took this great picture of the boys last night as they slept together, I thought it was so cute I had to share it with you. Look how Bosley has his paw wrapped around Ramsey’s legs! You can see they are still best friends, and love spending time with each other.Allison – December 2010
adopted dogWe are happy to share that Case (formerly Clyde) seems to be doing very well at last. After a long stay at the vets, and even more rehabilitation after coming home he doesn’t yelp with pain or with fear (he was super nervous for a while). He has bonded very well with Hali and the cats just accepted him without even noticing the change.So in the end, all of the hard work and stress has paid off, we are super happy with our quirky little guy and he is more than at home. He LOVES going for drives, which is great because the four of us are taking a Christmas road trip to the States in a couple of weeks.Lori – December 2010
adopted dogLilycontinues to be the most fabulous dog in the world. So loving and intelligent and hilarious. She is my constant sidekick and has a big fan club in the community around here. After she went into heat she is not as consistently good with all dogs so I don’t like taking her to big busy dog parks any longer but she has a group of dog buddies that she socializes with regularly.Amy – December 2010
adopted catMidnightis doing extremely well living with us. We’ve actually renamed her as Maru but regardless she’s extremely nice and playful. She’s actually sleeping beside me as I’m writing this e-mail. Thanks for everything.Xavier – December 2010
adopted catJack and Charlie (formerly Cookie) are doing really well together. They really do seem to like each other. Their personalities are so different though so it makes life interesting. Right now they’re both being a little rebellious and I’m trying to manage their bad behaviour. They’re getting better.Rebecca – November 2010
adopted catHow is Lukeyou ask? Well he is just a little sweetheart and we can’t get enough of him, he makes us laugh all the time. It would take me all day to tell you about his daily goings on but I will tell you he loves watching the television and then attacking it! But all in all he is doing just great and is totally a big part of the family now. Take care and I will keep in touch.Bill – November 2010 adopted catHallie (formerly Ginger El) continues to do very well, very energtic, gets a long with our dog (for the most part), gives the best cuddles ever and is soooo vocal! I would never have believed she was timid and shy!Jenn – November 2010
adopted catCagney and Lacey (formerly Babe and Fly) are doing fantastic!! They both are so much fun and have been such a welcoming addition(s) to our family and our life would just not be the same without them! Our 1 year old German Sheppard became the “mother” to them and watches them carefully .. its soo cute! I have attached a few pictures of them! As you can tell they have grown alot since we got them!Kimberly Anne – November 2010
adopted catFrosty is doing great as usual. We have named her Chloe. She is still letting Ty (formerly Cuddles) constantly harrassing her to play. Here are some pictures for you and your family.Cornell – November 2010 adopted dogSorry for not sending pictures earlier, but I didn’t have access to a camera until a couple weeks ago. Anyways, Keikois doing great, she hasn’t made a mess in the house for a couple weeks now and she seems to be enjoy the cooler weather now, as the runs are now 10kms daily as she still has more energy to do more.Thanks.
Justin – October 2010
adopted dogLaceyis doing very, very well. She has had a few moments that indicate possible bad memories or some kind of history but we’re doing everything possible to give her a happy, safe and solid forever home. We are so lucky to have her with us. She is a happy and well adjusted girl with great energy and a wonderful attitude. She’s met many new friends in the park near us as well as in the bigger, worldly dog park. She’s very sociable and polite and when she’s had enough “busy-ness” she gravitates away quietly and moves on to sniffing and exploring.When she first came to her forever home, she followed me everywhere; she was my shadow. Over the last 5-6 weeks, she has learned a little more independence – still part of the pack but capable of being on her own as well. Our friends, neighbours and family rave about how beautiful and well behaved she is. Even strangers come up to us on the street when we’re walking her to ask if they can pat her and marvel at how beautiful and well-mannered she is. She has a dog walker on weekdays who also thinks the world of her. We are so lucky to have Lacey in our lives with special thanks to the wonderful, generous and tireless effort of Lacey’s foster Mom and the Mississauga Humane Society.Thanks again.
Donna – October 2010
adopted catRight now those two crazy kitties (Sammie & Tux) are chasing each other around the house – they are full of energy at night. Here are a few pictures from a week ago. Have a happy thanksgiving.Tracey – October 2010
adopted catWe know that we should have sent this email out sooner, but we’ve been a little preoccupied with many things especially the newest addition to our family. Patty (formerly Flora) has become a very well loved member of our family. Although we had a bit of rocky start, she has come around to all of us and we can’t get enough of her. Not only has she become an important part of the family, but she has also been able to spark affection in each one of us. She is a sweetheart and we can no longer imagine how our lives would be without her. Thank you to the Mississauga Humane Society for giving us the opportunity to open our hearts to this beautiful feline friend.The Quindoy Family – September 2010
adopted dogHere are a few pictures of (formerly) Dolce. He has had many names but I think Gentle Bensuits him. He seems to like Ben 🙂 Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.Julie, Dave and Ben – June 2010
adopted catI attached a few pictures of Karlpost grooming. He looks like a different cat!Christine – May 2010 adopted dogHere you are, Chance(llor) in all his glory! He hasn’t changed much, still suffering with separation anxiety but we are ignoring his shortcomings.Diane – April 2010
adopted catI meant to send you a few pictures of our beautiful adopted cat Kosmo (formerly Ceyenne) that we got from you in the summer. Sorry things got very busy but I just want you to know that he is doing very well! He is the coolest cat in the whole entire world!!! He “talks” like there is no tomorrow and eats like a horse! He is honestly the greatest gift and a pleasure to have around. Hope you enjoy the pictures.Agnes – April 2010 adopted catadopted catMunchkin (formerly Mishka) is just a little darling. Toffee (formerly Tawana) needs a lot more socialising. But I’m being very patient with her. She will come around eventually. I’m attaching a couple of pics for you..Annallise – April 2010
adopted catadopted catThe first thing to note is that we have changed Pluto‘s name to Scooter. The reason we did that is because he scoots around everywhere. I looked up the definition online and here’s what it says: “run or move very quickly or hastily”. That describes him perfectly! He is so fast! If one of us gets up, he’s already 4 steps ahead of us.The second update is that he and Sandyare doing quite well. On the second day of his coming home, which was the Saturday, Sandy actually engaged with Scooter in play. It was so exciting! Chris and I were just watching the two of them with trepidation. We weren’t sure what would happen. But they carried on for a bit and then went on their separate ways. It has improved substantially since that day. They chase each other around equally. Scooter used to cower whenever Sandy came around but now he stands his ground. It’s the cutest thing. He gets all poofed up and walks sideways. Sandy crouches and pounces at him from around the corners. The only time I ever hear her growl at him is a night when she’s sleeping soundly and he wants to play.So overall Lily, they are doing great! We’ve had to adjust to Scooter’s level of activity but that’s not been a problem. I’ve attached a few pictures of both Sandy and Scooter. The first pics of Scooter have in covered in catnip. He loves that stuff!
It’s been challenging getting pictures because he hardly ever sits still! He’s a ball of energy! He’s a great addition to our home. He’s great for Sandy because he gets her moving, he’s great for us because he’s so entertaining and he’s great for all of us because he’s very interested in everything we all do. He’s a little ray of sunshine. Our family is now complete 🙂
Carrie-Ann – March 2010
adopted dogKeishais doing great!Gina – March 2010 adopted dogHere are the pics of our Roxygirl – We have taken lots of pics already but here is a few of her playing and sitting and sleeping.Deb – March 2010
adopted catThe cats are fine—they’ve been renamed Louis XIII and Black Pearl (formerly Beauty and Miles). Pearl is developing a much more playful, outgoing, less timorous personality now. Louis is a handful—but as a young male teenager that is to be expected. His more outgoing, assertive personality also allows Pearl to experience new things after he has given his stamp of approval on a food, activity or location. Pearl is a sweetheart and I have become her personal property, as my wife is owned by Louis. Pearl talks to me frequently—to ask for the bathtub faucet to be turned on for her fascinated pleasure; for food; for attention—all different meows. Louis loves a tummy rub at anytime and will suddenly splay himself prone in front of us, with his four paws in the air, for a rub. His meows are also distinctively different whether he is seeking food, play or just attention. From another room we know by the meow who it is, and what he/she desires—similar to a baby’s cries!We exercise them daily—they love to chase us and each other around; we’ve tied a jingling ball to their scratch post; we’ve created stimulating swatting toys; sponge balls with which they play soccer; string they can now easily unknot from door-handles. They will alternately pick up a toy item in their mouth and walk away with it while the sibling chases after it. They easily open doors by pushing or pulling them from underneath, and they’re learning how to jump up to and unlatch the lever-type handles we use on our doors—should they ever become accidentally enclosed in any room, they will be able to open them. We open windows daily to give them fresh air which obviously stimulates their instinctual behaviour for hunting, playing, running, jumping, etc. I will soon toilet-train them as I have done with other cats.They are very intelligent, curious, playful, affectionate cats! They chose us immediately when we entered the pet shop and my wife and I are very happy with them.
Paul & Sheila – March 2010
adopted catThe first couple nights Tranceskept us up because she was walking all over the house crying. She is now okay and she only cries occasionally with this one toy that she carries around with her.My wife is really happy and Trances seems to be over the stress of being in a new place. We do have pictures as I had to send some to my family and friends.Derek – March 2010
adopted dogI just wanted to let you know how Sonam (formerly Gizmo) is doing. Here are few pictures I have for you. He is very happy with us and we are happier than Sonam because he really is a great boy. Thank you again for giving a second chance to him and look how happy he is and quite lazy too (hahaha).Best and kind regards,
Mingyur and Gordon – March 2010
adopted catadopted catOk.. here are a couple pictures of Taylor and Titan, I’m not sure if they are Happy Tail worthy or not, they were taken with my phone so not the best quality but I am a bit of a picture fanatic so you can trust that you will see many more from me in the near future.Corrie – February 2010 adopted dogI am forwarding some pictures of Fiona/Lolafor you to see. She is doing really well. She is getting less scared and timid. My father has spent a lot of time with her outdoors and she loves it. She has really bonded well with the family, and she has some doggy friends she really likes in the park.All the best, Helen – March 2010
adopted catHi!I adopted a lil kitty named Dreamer two days ago. First of all, we renamed her Ms.Cali Perkins! aka Twitch because she twitches like crazy when she sleeps…haha!! But Ms. Perkins is doing very well. Still getting use to the new home I guess cuz she’s rubbing herself over everything in the apartment and basically owning my bed so I’m sure she’s happy.Anyway, enclosed are a few pics of lil Ms.Cali Perkins!
Neil – February 2010
adopted catLukeis doing just fine and we are so happy to have him with us as part of our family. He is such a wonder and we love him dearly. He had a bit of a cold around xmas but some antibiotics and tender loving care took care of it quickly. He still likes to drink out of the sink and he sleeps with us every night now as well as lying with me while we watch tv. We are so happy to have him in our lives and I thank you for that. Please keep in touch and I will as well….Bill – February 2010
adopted dogJust wanted to send a picture of Meeko (formerly Cheetah) who I adopted on August 11, 2009. He is a loving, fun spirited kitten. He follows me around the house and loves to climb on my lap wherever I am. The larger cat on the pillow is my other cat, Boo. Boo is quite interested in Meeko, and doesn’t quite know what to do with him, other than stare. My husband and I are so happy that we found Meeko through the Humane Society and that he has found his forever home with his new big brother, Boo.Cheryl – August 2009
adopted dogJust thought I’d send along a picture of Dawson (nee Ziggy). He is an absolute joy and we are enjoying his antics very much since bringing him into our home on Family Day weekend. He is a trusting and responsive pup and he is getting along well with our older dog (another rescue), Keesha. We just had him up to our property in Haliburton over the weekend and he was very excited by all the new smells, sights and sounds! Our cottage neighbours love him already.Lynn and Randy – April 2009
adopted dogHi! You may remember me as the person who adopted Sasha couple of years ago. (I’ll enclose a photo taken this December). She turned 13 in January but still appears happy and healthy. My first dog, Charlie, died this past November and Sash has adapted well to being an only (and top!) dog. I would like to meet Princess but worry about introducing change to Sash’s life at this stage. At home she is sweet and gentle, but outside she can be rather bombastic and even aggressive if startled. She was fine with Charlie as top dog, but may not be if she is number one. What do you think? Anyway, here she is taking her ease.Lee – April 2009
adopted dogHere are some updated pictures of Pepsi. He is doing great – slowing down a little bit now though after the cold, long winter. He still loves his walks, although we have made them a bit shorter now for him. He will bark a greeting to anything that moves especially visitors coming to the house. The tail wildly wagging gives everyone the clue that the “bark”, though deep sounding, is meant as a warm hello. The only thing that hasn’t slowed down is his ability to gallup up the stairs for breakfast after his morning walk. He is a treasured member of our family and gets along fine with our two cats.Diane – April 2009
adopted catI thought you might like an update on Azzy. Although he may only have one eye, you wouldn’t think he’d know it. He is unbelievably intelligent and can sit, speak and stand on his hind legs on command. He is very frisky and kitten-like at times and can always make me smile. I’m so glad to have him in my life and he is one of my best friends. I’m so happy I found him through the Humane Society and got to give him a “forever home”. Thanks again.Samantha – January 2009
adopted dogJust wanted to send along a picture of Kipper (formerly Byron) who we adopted from you last November. Kipper is doing great! The match has been a complete success from the start and it didn’t take long for us all to fall in love. His happy little tail wags just add so much joy to our daily lives, we’re lucky to have him! Hope to send another pic once we’ve had a chance to go to the cottage. It will be interesting to see what Kipper makes of the lake! I predict he’s not interested in swimming but lounging around lake side is always a nice option instead :)Maria & family – March 2009
adopted catJust noticed on your website that people send updates about their adoptions… The Smith Family would like to thank the Mississauga Humane Society for the smooth adoption process and wonderful service we received when adopting our cat back in 2003. Carla was the foster mother of our beautiful cat, who we re-named Willow (from Sandyor Tigress, not sure exactly what her original name was). She was very shy initially but has come out of her shell and is such a welcome addition to our family. She is more than happy and comfortable now. We love her very much and she is treated with dignity, respect, and care. Thank you for this gift!With Warm Regards,
Cameron – March 2009
adopted catI have attached some pictures of Dudewho we adopted from Petcetera. Now we call him Pinky. It’s easy to call him by that name and his nose is so pink. He is a very lovable cat, and all four of us love him a lot. I am thankful to the Humane Society for bringing him there, and we really appreciate the work you are doing for animals. Thank you Lily.Regards, Shiromi – April 2009
adopted catAs promised, I’m sending you a couple of pictures of my darlings. I haven’t managed to catch them together yet, but you’ll see how much they look alike and how beautiful they are. I have been calling the new cat Mitzi (formerly Niki) because it is a bit confusing to have them both named the same. She seems to like her new name and responds to it well.
Everything is going very well. Thanks again for your help in finding my new companion for Nicky.Judy – March 2009
adopted dogHere are a couple of pictures of Bruno. Thanks for everything. You do a great job.Debbie – March 2009
adopted catsWe adopted Farley and Dudley(the cats) in November, 2007 when they were 7 months old. They have been a very welcome addition to our family – Farley became fast friends with our dog Jake and loves to play with him. Farley is the boss of the house and expects that Jake and Dudley will follow along. It’s very funny to watch them interact with each other. We have learned that Dudley is “gifted”, which makes him more special to us. We are thrilled that they have joined our family, and happy to have rescued them. Thanks for the dedication of all the staff and volunteers who run the Society.Philip – February 2009
adopted dogKarais doing really well. She is adjusting fine. She is the perfect dog. I don’t think we will have any concerns about her. Just wanted you to know she is doing fine. Thank you for letting her join our family.Thank you, Chris – February 2009
adopted catsAfter Spike came home he spent about 2 weeks hiding in the basement and coming upstairs at night. He was really funny because he would sneak into my bedroom. Garfieldwas already part of the family by that time, but Spike took a while. Well, I can tell you that both of them are completely at home with me now. They both play with my Hudson (my dog), although Garfield is definitely more patient with him than Spike is. Last weekend I wasn’t feeling well and I was snuggled up under a blanket on my bed, Hudson sleeping on the bed beside me and both Garfield and Spike came in to check on us. Garfield came up on the bed for some pats and eventually curled up on the bed and slept; Spike stayed in the bedroom but lay down on the dresser where he could see what was going on. Even with the additional exercise of playing chase with Hudson, Garfield has put on some weight and actually has a bit of a belly on him. He has some weight to him now when I pick him up! In the picture Garfield and Spike were curled up in the living room on my ottoman. I feel like my family has been together forever and we all get along very well. Thank you for pointing me in this direction.Teresa, Hudson, Garfield, Spike – February 2009
adopted catI’m sending some updated pictures of Tanner. He has grown into a lovely looking young cat who is very comfortable in his new home. He continues to amuse me with his playfulness and curiosity, provides excellent companionship with his sweet disposition and is always very affectionate although not at 4:30 am as last fall. In fact this behaviour seemed to stop just about the time when the nights got longer and the birds quit singing outside my bedroom window early in the morning! Now he still provides all the same signs of affection in the morning but only once I’ve wakened him at 6am! We’ll see what happens this spring. I haven’t figured out how to take a picture of him when he’s lying in the middle of my chest purring away, something he does every night while I try to read in bed just before we go to sleep. :)With thanks, Robyn and Tanner (ex-Turner) – February 2009
adopted catI’ve attached a pic of the beagle we adopted June 20, 2008. We changed his name from Jimmyto Ribbie, because of our love for baseball. He has become our mascot at the games. He’s finally very settled into our home, and he has been a great pleasure! He is with my son Ben in the pic, who he loves dearly…he sleeps in his bed every night!Stacy – January 2009
adopted catI’m pretty sure Kitty‘s coat has stopped growing. She is more in love with Jack (the dog) than any of us people types. When he comes in the door she is quick to run to him and rub chins with him. It’s pretty cute!!Cheers, Erik – January 2009
adopted catHere are some recent pictures of our baby girl Duchess– adopted from Petcetera during the adopt-a-thon on December 8th, 2008. We are so glad she is with us, she is definitely in a forever home. 🙂 Good luck with all your endevours. Best regards.Ishanthi – January 2009
adopted catI have attached a couple pictures of Alexisfor you. 🙂 She is doing well.Thanks, Leah and Alexis (purrr…) adopted catHere are Tinsel and her new best friend Hollie. I can’t believe how playful she is for a very shy kitty. Tinsel has definitely flourished since Hollie has been here. Thanks.Julie – February 2009
adopted catsHere is a picture of the sweeties. From left to right are Savannah, Shadow, and Pepper. Savannah isn’t much of a lap cat but she’s so sweet “helping” us to wake up. She does it by gently snuggling into our necks and gently putting her paws on our cheeks (while purring very loudly of course). She loves to rub against our legs constantly. Shadow still suckles and we think he probably will for his whole life. He suckles himself to sleep and the blanket they are on is his favorite. He loves to pounce on toes at night and he is surprisingly strong as he can get teeth and claws through sheets, comforter, and 2 layers of comforter cover. He also has the loudest purr we’ve ever heard. We can hear him throughout the house and the whole bed vibrates at night from him. Pepper is the clown of the bunch and a true lap cat. He has to be around “helping” with everything (tying shoelaces, jigsaw puzzles, etc.). He has this thing about grapes. He’ll empty the whole fruit bowl, get the grapes off of the stems, and play with them like balls. We’ve found them all over the house! Take care and best of luck with the society!Gary – January 2009
adopted dogGallagheris much loved. He is very gentle and his tail wags a lot more than when he first arrived. Every morning we are greeted by his “singing” at about 5 am. He loves his romps in the Humber Valley on the long leash. Thanks!Bill, January 2009
adopted catI made Dagmara pillow to sit on the windowsill so she’ll stay off my keyboard while I’m working! She’s sweet, always sitting on my lap and following me. She loves everyone who visits too! Thank you so much for raising such a beautiful cat.Alison – February 2008
adopted catAttached are a few pictures of Maximus (formerly Scottie). Please choose the best of them and feel free to publish them on his behalf. He is a celebrity now 🙂 I’ll be sure to tell him. Maximus makes me laugh as he has become a very energetic little guy; rather hyper at times 🙂 It is hard to believe that such a shy, docile little guy could become so active, but I am glad that he is now able to live his kittenhood in a safe, happy environment. Did you notice the picture of him carrying his green ball? He does this all the time. He carries his play mice by their tails lol!! and brings the toys back to me to be thrown again…..such a smart little guy…..and soooooo cute. He’s actually much cuter in real life. I have teased him a few times; telling him that he is not very photogenic. :)Stephanie – January 2009
adopted dogWe just love Barney (formerly Rambo) to pieces and he is definitely part of our family now. He fits right in. Even our cat Homer (who was also rescued) is quite taken with Barney. The whole neighbourhood knows Barney now from his walks and visits. His girlfriend, an 8-year-old rottweiler mix, lives next door – they play like crazy. We took Barney to “doggie school” and he did quite well. He is a very smart, loveable, friendly dog. Not a mean bone in his body. He is truly a delight and lots of fun.Julie and Brian – January 2009
adopted catWe adopted “Fleur(at right in photo)in November and we thought you might like an update. Fleur has had a lot of names but her forever name is now “Elly May”. She and cousin Jethro (the cat) are getting along just fine. Elly May is full of energy and loves to play catch with her favorite toy mice or play with cousin Jethro and then cuddle up at night. Her foster Mom must have shown her lots of love and special attention as she is social, playful and loads of fun! What a great addition to our family.Thank you, Linda – December 2008
adopted kittensI just wanted to tell you that their first night here was great. No troubles at all. They slept with us, and kept us up most of the night with their purring and Nepo biting our eyeballs. LOL. We’ve renamed them – Nepo is Badonkadonk, and Havanna is Helmmet. The two kitties are like brothers, and play all night, and sleep all day. They are such a pleasure to have around, and we are having fun with them. Actually, I think they are having more fun with us. They are soooooo happy to be in a home. I’m glad I could give them a great place to live.
…and from a later update…
Both kitties are doing great. Badonkadonk has his first bath last night. I was having one and he fell in. He actually loves the water. As for Helmmet, you would never know it was the same kitty. He is actually the cuddler of the family. Yes, our Helmmet. Not only that, but he will cry meow just for you to pick him up and cuddle with him.Thank you…
Kimmie, Stevie, Badonkadonk and Helmmet – December 2008
adopted catElise is doing wonderfully – she has a fantastic appetite and she just LOVES to play with her sister Mika. I have a lot of kitty toys and furniture, so sometimes it’s hard for her to decide which one to start with but it appears her current favourite spot is the window perch where she can lie down and watch all the birds and squirrels outside.
I’ve set up insurance for her and her sister, a plan that includes annual wellness checkups, vaccinations and teeth cleaning in addition to the usual accident and illness coverage.
She’s such a beautiful little girl and I am a very lucky to have her.Lisa – December 2008
adopted catDacota and Annieadjusted really well to their new home and to Grizzly, my 5-year-old cat. They are so adorable, playful and cuddly. I enjoy them immensely.Lorraine, December 2008 adopted dogThank you for EmmyLou (Cloe). She is a blessing to our family. Six months and we love her more each day.Marsha, Sandy, Jennifer & Crystal (Rowdy the cat) – October 2008
adopted catJust wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and send you a picture of Sushi and Tiggotogether on our chesterfield. She is certainly a “ghost cat” no longer. Tiggo spends a lot of his time chasing Sushi and our other little cat Ashley. He’s playing, but he plays rough, and they don’t like it!! Nonetheless, they still hang out together.Barbara – December 2008
adopted catSince we got Jethroe, now named Biscut, in January 2008 he’s become a very well-loved boy. He is very loving and gets along very well with our other dogs and one cat. We are very lucky to have found him. He sleeps with my 6- and 7-year-old boys, and plays with our yellow lab and our other beagle. He loves car rides and gets excited when he sees our camper trailer because he knows he’s going camping. I’m sending some family photos.Tammy – December 2008
adopted catsSpunky missed his foster mom at first and he cried for days, then settled in. He and Smudgeare happy now. Thanks again for all your help and support.Adam, Sue, Autumn and Tyler – January 2009 adopted catThank you for giving us the opportunity to help Deedee (pictured) and Lavanderand give them a great loving home.Thank you,
Cory – December 2008
adopted catWe are very happy with Lumi (formerly Jakush. the black and white cat in the photo). She became my best friend within days. She is sweet, gentle and kind but at the same time playful, energetic and fun. She loves to rough house with her big sister Melly (our feral tabby who’s finally chosen indoor over outdoors). Although when it come to playing with her big brother Simon (our Miniature Rex Rabbit) she very shy and careful not to spook or hurt him, they love to lay together and kiss noses and she follows him everywhere.
We truly are inseparable. For the first 2 weeks she would hang out inside my sweater and I carried her around like that, even when we went out. She never liked to be in the carrier, always my sweater. Everyone has fallen in love with her and who wouldn’t! She looks to me as a mommy and I love that! I was just so heart broken and missed the companionship a cat had to offer. I find the fact we came across Lumi a miracle, to have such a loving creature sent to me. I will as you say, give her a forever home, but as well as forever love, cuddles, kisses and so so much more. I love her with all my heart and would like to thank you for her.
You are truly making a difference and a cause that will truly change many lives! I will be sending out a donation soon!
Once again thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do, you are a hero in many eyes!
Brittany – December 2008
adopted catHere is a new pic of Fury (Simon). It is rare to see him sleeping during the day. Usually he is bouncing off the walls. Enjoy!Stella – November 2008 adopted cat My little man Dolce sat ever-so-politely on Santa’s lap the other night. Cute isn’t it?! haha
Thanks for all the work you put into the Humane Society. I don’t think people commend you enough for all you do. :)Love, Karin and Dolce xoxoxo – December 2008
adopted kittenHere is a picture of Tigger (formerly Brock). Tigger play wrestles Juno so finally Juno’s getting into shape! He loves the Christmas tree and has brought it down once. It’s a rite of passage for each cat in our home! We have a yearly tradition. We give Brownie a few bows which he plays with until they’re destroyed, and then replace them with new ones. We keep all bows off the presents until Christmas morning lest they be gone. Tigger has joined in, taking turns playing and sleeping under the tree and will soon be able to play in the bows, wrap, ribbon and tissue. Tigger has begun to talk to get our attention. When he wants to play he’ll come and talk.Thanks! Michelle – December 2008
adopted catJust sending some pictures of Kizzy(the calico) in her new home, with her black friend.Melania – November 2008
adopted catLibbywas skittish for the first week but is now used to Dave and myself and plays and cuddles with our son Connor. She has put on weight and likes to chatter at the birds and squirrels through the window. The talking is quite endless but I like it. She is good company.Chris – December 2008 adopted catHere are a few pictures of Tigger (formerly Fernando). In one of them he is “looking after” his roommate Max who is a fish. Thank you again for everything that you do.
Julita – November 2008
adopted catI have attached some photos of Deedeefor her foster parents to see. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help Deedee and Lavander and give them a great loving home.Thank you,
Cory – December 2008
adopted dogBernieis doing great! Here is a pic of the boys together.Dave and Shannon – November 2008 adopted cat Here is a picture of Molly. She always looks grumpy but it is so cute!Loretta – November 2008
adopted catEverything is great. Tikahas really made herself at home. I just got all her papers so we took her in to meet our vet last week. I have moved her off the kitten food and still have a half bag or so left. I could drop it off for you to use with some of the other cats. I’ve put in a few pics for you.Kelly – September 2008
adopted dogFreelander is doing just great in her new home. She gets along well with our cat, who was a little unhappy at first but has come to terms with the situation. Once in a while I can hear Freelander growl as she’s lying down over a rawhide bone, and I look across and there is the cat, sitting and staring at her from about 20 feet away. I think the cat knows that this threatens the dog, and it’s his way of playing head games with her.
She absolutely loves to travel in our car and goes almost everywhere Sarah does. We’ve taken her to North Bay, Parry Sound, and a bunch of parks around here. Aside from a little ‘let’s go’ prompting, she’s been a good companion. She’s happy to stop for a rest whenever I’m tired, which suits me fine.
She sleeps with Sarah, either in her bed or on a dog bed on the floor beside her. She’s very easygoing and so far has been good with other dogs. She does love meeting other dogs, and will do the lonely hound dog barking thing when she hears the jingling of dog chains or collars going by on the sidewalk. I’ve attached a few pictures for fun. The last one is a can of cat food that Freelander went to town on, now we keep the cat’s food out of doggy reach :).Mike – August 2008
adopted catsTilly and Toriare doing great. They have completely taken over our house and are loving every minute of it. They have gotten into a routine and love sitting on our kitchen table when we are not home to get a birds-eye view of the back yard, even though the upstairs windows have a better view! They get scratched before bed time and seem to come back for more in the middle of the night. They have adjusted well and now come downstairs when we have other people over.Jennifer – August 2008
adopted dogWe are thrilled that we are now Bruin’s (formerly Wosley) new parents. We have since re-named her Josephine. We agree it’s more fitting for such a pretty dog.
She’s doing great… coming up to us for pats and she loves to have her ears scratched. Our other dog is adjusting too. She’s getting used to our routine and doesn’t seem to mind short car-rides – she jumps out on her own but we have to lift her in.
All is good, and I’ll try to get a photo of both dogs together.Thank you…
Roslyn – August 2008
adopted catsAgain, THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing us Lucas and Lexington! They are both doing very well. They eat well and play a lot! Attached are some pics taken yesterday. If I have any questions I will let you know and for sure I will send you more pics.Regards,
James – August 2008
adopted dogI just wanted to touch base and thank you so much for the newest member of our family: Bwana. We adopted him a little over a month ago and cannot imagine our family without him. He is a wonderful pet. Thank you Mississauga Humane Society, and thank you Sue (foster mom) for making the adoption process so easy. Here are a couple of photos – having a run up our ski hill, and resting on our bed!Juliet and family – July 2008
adopted catFinally, some pictures of Frankie and Chico (formerly Felix). They are doing well, the rascals!Corry – October 2007