About Us

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We strive to save as many unwanted animals as possible regardless of background, age, health and/or behavioural issues. Our goal is to find each of our rescued animals a FOREVER HOME where they are treated as a family member.


We do not have a facility, a shelter or paid staff and operate through a network of foster homes and volunteers. Despite limitations in our resources, we are able to achieve our rescue mission by excellent co-ordination work with various organisations and the general public.


We rescue homeless companion animals regardless of background, age and health/behaviourial issues. To help prevent pet overpopulation that leads to the tragedy of killing MILLIONS of unwanted pets every year, all our animals are neutered/spayed, health and age permitting.

  • Pound/Shelter Animals – Sadly, due to limited shelter space and number of adoptive homes available, every day hundreds of companion animals in the many overcrowded pounds/shelters are killed or sent to laboratories for research. When we receive requests to help animals that are ‘in danger’, or have been confined for a long time, we try to take them in as our resources allow. Many of these animals are older or with some behaviourial/health issues.
  • Stray Cats – Stray/feral cats are everywhere in the city. When we receive reports on stray cats/kittens, we try our best to retrieve them. By catching them and finding them homes, not only do we spare the poor cats from a harsh outdoor life without shelter, starvation, bitter cold, predators etc., most importantly we are helping to control cat overpopulation and the number of future strays. One unspayed female cat can end up with 420,000 offspring in 7 years!
  • Surrendered Pets – Unfortunately, very few pets can stay with their first owner throughout their life. Calls keep coming in from owners wanting to give up their pets for various reasons. Every effort is made to help these unwanted pets so they will not end up on the street or in a pound. We encourage owners to keep the pet until another home is found.


After the rescue, we will arrange for the pet to receive a veterinary check-up and be given the necessary vaccinations. If there are health issues, they will be addressed. All our animals are spayed or neutered to prevent births of future homeless pets. We try our best to place the pet in an appropriate foster home; if a foster home is not available, the pet is placed in a boarding facility until a foster space is found. Pets are put up for adoption on our website when we feel they are ready.


Throughout this site you will see pleas for volunteer foster homes. As we do not have a shelter, most of our animals live in foster homes until their forever home is found. The number of homes available to the cats and dogs in our care determine how many homeless pets we can assist. We are always in desperate need of foster homes for rescued dogs and cats so we do not have to turn any away for lack of space. We provide the food and veterinary care, and you provide the love. If you would like to help us, please contact us.